Przejdź do nawigacji Przejdź do treści Gminy wchodzące w skład ZIT Metropolia warszawska wg podziału statystycznego NUTS2


The main objective of the project:

Supporting the functioning of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area in line with the development policy of the country and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

Detailed objectives:

1. Strengthening functional connections of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area through their identification, diagnosis, and application of the expected intervention in territorial terms.

2. Strengthening cooperation between local government entities forming part of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area.  Each commune belonging to the Warsaw Metropolitan Area will be involved in the process of formulating the Strategies and Programmes. The existing unions, associations and agreements between local government entities under the Warsaw Metropolitan Area will be specifically included in the process of research and dissemination of the project results.

3. Joint programming of the vision and development objectives of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area. Despite the fact that the project is being implemented by 7 local government entities, all communes of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area will carry out consultations and discuss their objectives as part of strategic workshops. The process of building the sense of identification of local government entities with the project will begin before the launch of project activities.

4. The operationalisation of the Strategy’s objectives and preparing the Development Programmes. The Programmes will enable the translation of the objectives into specific measures and projects. This will be achieved mainly by participants in working groups individually dedicated to each objective. This way, the communes of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area will be able to take advantage of specific proposals for cooperation and investments within the Warsaw Metropolitan Area.

5. Preparation of the local government bodies of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area to the role of beneficiaries of Integrated Territorial Investments. The idea of cooperation requires a change in the way the neighbouring communes see one another as a potential competitors. Local government bodies should learn to reach compromise and treat the success of the whole metropolitan area as their own. The importance of integrated investments will be determined by their multidimensionality and openness to various aspects of socio-economic life of the residents.

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