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The Diagnosis of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area – a synthetic report

See the brochure “The potentials and challenges of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area” Potencjały i wyzwania OMW

The publication was prepared on the basis of the synthetic report “The Diagnosis of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area” summarising the study carried out within the project “Programming the Development of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area”.

The main goal of the diagnosis was to identify and classify the development potential of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area. Fulfilling this goal made it possible to identify the major challenges for the Warsaw Metropolitan Area, which constituted, at the same time, recommendations for local government authorities identifying the directions for building a competitive position of the area at the national and international level.

The research was carried out using the following methods: desk research, field studies, statistical analyses, expert panels, CATI1, CAWI2, and individual in-depth interviews (IDI). The studies referred to several spatial scales. In addition to the Warsaw Metropolitan Area, the Warsaw – surrounding area scale was also employed, as well as national comparisons. The international context was also an important aspect of the study, especially the assessment of Warsaw as an international metropolis.

“The Diagnosis of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area” is an element of the strategic thinking process aimed at defining the priority measures for the integration and support of the area’s management. It forms a basis for local government authorities to develop the Strategy for the Development of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area until 2030.

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