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The Strategy for the Development of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area until 2030

The Strategy for the Development of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area until 2030 covers Warsaw and 71 communes creating the Warsaw Metropolitan Area (WMA). For the first time so many local government entities near Warsaw have decided to establish a common development vision. This is crucial due to the fact that the WMA, given its functional connections, should be treated as a single integrated socio-economic entity.

The vision of WMA’s development was formulated as follows: The Warsaw Metropolitan Area is an inspiring, vibrant European development hub, harmoniously combining the high quality of life and superb business conditions created on the basis of the creativity of its residents, cooperation potential, and new technologies. The vision will become reality with the development directions specified in the Documents as agreed on between residents, the academic and business communities, NGOs, and local government entities, including: – raising the importance of the WMA at the European level and deepening cooperation between WMA members – providing WMA residents with full external and internal mobility through the integration of the collective transport network, – creating a modern metropolitan area through comprehensive planning measures, with spatial planning taking into consideration the aesthetics and utility of the area and the opinions of residents, – providing residents with extensive access to cultural and natural resources, – strengthening the WMA as a pole of economic growth, – improving the quality of social and human capital of the WMA as a prerequisite for reaching the remaining objectives. The strategy was created on the basis of the WMA diagnosis and the results of strategic workshops attended by residents, representatives of local government entities, NGOs, and the academic and business communities. During the workshops the participants developed a common mission and vision of WMA’s development and identified priority courses of action. The strategy also takes into account the results of online voting of WMA’s residents and notes to the draft document submitted as part of social consultations.

See the Strategy for the Development of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area until 2030. The document is available here: Strategia Rozwoju Obszaru Metropolitalnego

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