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Online public consultations regarding ESF support to Social Inclusion (TO9)

17 Oct 2019 |
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We would appreciate your collaboration on the on-going online public consultations regarding ESF support to Social Inclusion (TO9). The public consultation is on a questionnaire accessible to all stakeholders and citizens in general. It is available in 23 EU official languages at:

The Commission is interested in maximising the outreach of this consultation. DG EMPL would like to collect  not only  the views of participants in the operations, but also of potential participants. It is very important that you act as multipliers, disseminating the link to the consultations and encouraging your partners and networks to participate. To this end, I encourage you to publish the links to the surveys on your website, or any other communication channel you may use, and provide it to your partner organisations, beneficiaries etc.

The content of the questionnaire in this consultation automatically adapts to the type of respondent. This means that the questionnaire for bodies involved in the implementation of the operations, notably the managing authorities, are very comprehensive. Other stakeholders like potential participants and citizens receive a much smaller number of questions, drafted in a less technical way.

It is important that you also, as Management Authority, express your opinions via the survey. These contributions will provide key information for this evaluation. We rely on your knowledge and expertise to convey essential information on the implementation and results of the operations.

The consultation will be active until 19/12/2019 included. The results of the survey will be summarised in a synopsis document that will be published online, and will notably show the replies by country.

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