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PLN 56.5 million for innovative mobile solutions

19 Oct 2017 |

The residents of Greater Warsaw will soon be able to use free-of-charge mobile solutions making it easier for them to move around the city, settle official matters or find an available parking space. The project prepared by the City of Warsaw in partnership with Greater Warsaw communes will get almost PLN 56.5 million in funding from the ROP MV 2014-2020. Today the agreement was signed by Deputy Marshal Wiesław Raboszuk and Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Michał Olszewski.

“It’s a very interesting, innovative and useful project. Thanks to it not only the residents but also tourists will benefit from state-of-the-art solutions available as part of the introduced applications. The solutions make it easier to find a parking space and information on interesting cultural events, or check air quality,” Deputy Marshal Wiesław Raboszuk pointed out.


The project, with Warsaw as its leader, will be implemented as part of Integrated Territorial Investments in 26 communes (Czosnów, Góra Kalwaria, Halinów, Izabelin, Karczew, Kobyłka, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Legionowo, Lesznowola, Marki, Milanówek, Nieporęt, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Otwock, Piastów, Podkowa Leśna, Pruszków, Radzymin, Stare Babice, Sulejówek, Wieliszew, Wołomin, Ząbki, Zielonka, and Żyrardów). Its goal is to promote modern information technologies, with a particular focus on the needs of people with disabilities, including visually impaired persons. The project is to make it easier for the residents and tourist to move around Greater Warsaw.

The initiative will cover the installation of sensors and transmitters and the development of free-of-charge mobile apps for all potential users.

“I am excited about the new project prepared and carried out together with Greater Warsaw communes,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “The outcome of this cooperation will be highly functional apps.



This is a mobile app that will help users find their way around public utility buildings, such as offices and agencies. It will contain a remote module for collecting tickets in take-a-number queue systems, informing the user when it’s their turn. The application will also serve as a knowledge database on current events in communes and a source of information for residents on e.g. weather conditions.


This tool will serve as a real-time guide to tourist attractions, current sports and cultural events and special deals, when the user is near selected museums, theatres, monuments, parks, and squares. The app will also feature food options. Users might find it interesting that its content can be personalised. Information contained in the app will be available in four foreign languages. The app will contain an audiodescription module, which will enable visually impaired people to find out about the services of, e.g., tourist facilities.


The app will be useful in trip planning and moving around Greater Warsaw. It will offer comprehensive, up to date transport information. With the app, the user will easily identify the start and end bus stops and find information on the waiting time for the bus. Passengers will also receive information on traffic hindrances and replacement transport in the case of a failure or traffic congestion. Thanks to the project, passengers will get a tool for fast and effective trip planning.


The use of the tool will help drivers move around the city, especially when it comes to locating available parking spaces in Greater Warsaw. The app users will also get access to data containing statistical information, e.g. the average parking time or the occupancy rate of a given parking space.


With the app Greater Warsaw residents will receive sound notifications on air pollution. If the acceptable levels are exceeded, the mobile app will inform the users of the need to take precautions, e.g. limiting the time spent in open air or avoiding physical effort. The information will be of particular use to children, the elderly, and people with specific diseases. In addition, the users of the app will find information on air quality and meteorological parameters, e.g. wind speed, atmospheric precipitation, relative air humidity, traffic intensity and structure, average vehicle speed, and noise intensity. Current local data at a high level of detail are the major advantages of the app.

The project will receive more than PLN 56.4 million in funding under Measure 2.1 E-services, Submeasure 2.1.2 E-services for Masovia under the ITI

Project name: The Virtual Warsaw Functional Area (Virtual WFA)

Beneficiary: The City of Warsaw

Total project value: PLN 70,592,601.31

Funding amount: PLN 56,474,081.04

Measure: 2.1 E-services


Integrated Territorial Investments is an initiative which makes it possible to go beyond the rigid administrative borders of local government entities, and for Warsaw and 39 nearby communes to implement joint projects funded by EU under the financial perspective for the years 2014-2020. Integrated Territorial Investments for Greater Warsaw include educational projects, the construction of bike paths and P&R facilities, as well as places of care for children under the age of 3.

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